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Myanmar Legal Eminence was founded in early 2015 by three Myanmar lawyers.

The partners have worked with both pre-eminent law firms and local banks and have as such extensive experience in servicing foreign companies, agencies and individuals who have been keen to explore and invest in the Myanmar market as it opened up since 2011.  The partners bring to the table not only knowledge of prevailing rules and regulations in Myanmar but also on the ground experience on how to successfully conduct business in Myanmar.

There are of course unique challenges to doing business in this rapidly changing country. Since the country has started its democratization process in 2011, many outdated laws, rules and regulations have being amended or repealed. New laws have been adopted to facilitate business development and the related notifications are continuously being updated. Note that many laws are also not strictly applied and it is thus essential to receive proper advice as to the actual practicalities of doing business in Myanmar

As such it is key to have an on the ground team that you can trust.


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Kyaw Swa Myint | Partner








Thu Ya Zaw | Partner







Sai Zin Naing Linn | Partner



The firm will be able to bring in advisers, including international advisers, on an “a s needed” basis. MLE is also able to refer its clients to accountants with which it has “best friends” arrangements




Kyaw is a member of the Myanmar Bar Association and advocate to the Supreme Court of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar for 14 years with professional experience specialized in real estate projects, corporate law, taxation, and cross border investment in Myanmar. He has in-depth knowledge of Myanmar legal framework and excellent in identifying the critical issues to make satisfactory for the clients.

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Thuya is a certify Attorney in Myanmar. He has had many legal experiences in both local and multi-nations working environments such as in banking and finance, real estates, and various law firms in Yangon. His professionalism is on drafting legal docs, counseling and consultation with regard to international trade agreements, commercial arbitration, Joint Venture agreements, as well as corporate matters. He holds an LL.B from Yangon University and obtained Master of Laws (Comparative Law) from Nagoya University with programme in International Law and Political Science. He is enthusiastic and ambitious to develop his career horizontally.


Sai is holding Bachelor of Laws from TaungGyi University in Myanmar. His focus is on Civil and Criminal laws but also profession on corporate matters. He has years of legal experience at foreign law firms as a local legal advisor handling on various subject matters. He is a profound lawyer with straight forward thinking and very proactive on every assignment he has given.